The Greeks Edit

The Greeks are the first civilization used in the Age of Mythology campaigns. You start out with them in the "Fall of the Trident" and "Learn to Play" campaigns.
Their major gods are Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, and their minor gods are:

Play Style Edit

Heroes Edit

The Greeks, unlike the Egyptians and Norse, have only one set of four heroes per major god. They are:
These heroes are extremely tough human soldiers who specialize against Myth Units. They are trained at the Town Center and/or the Fortress.

Favor Edit

The Greeks gain favor by praying at a Temple. When a Greek Villager finishes building a temple, he or she will automatically start praying there to accumulate favor.

Starting a Game Edit

When the Greeks start a random map or PVP game, they have:

Greek Units Edit

Greek units tend to be the toughest for their type - a Greek Hoplite is better than an Egyptian Spearman or a Norse Ulfsark - but also the slowest and most expensive. A Spearman travels at 5 meters/second, but a Hopite travels at only 4.2. A Spearman also costs only 70 resources while a Hoplite costs 120.
Greeks also train their units from three buildings - one per unit type. Infantry are trained from the Military Academy. Archers are trained from the Archery Range. And Cavalry are trained from the Stable. The NorseEgyptians, and Atlanteans train them from only 2 buildings.

Titan Edit

In the Titan X-Pack the Greek's Titan is a dog headed man with three heads called Cerberus.
The Greeks, along with the Atlanteans have the only way to upgrade their titans. 
Dionysus's Bacchanalia upgrade gives all myth units, including titans, 5% more hp. On a titan, that gives it a total of 7350 hp, as compared to the base 7000 hp.
Also, Hera's Monsterous Rage upgrade gives all myth units, including titans, 25% more attack of all types. On a titan, that gives it a total of 88 crush attack, as compared to the base 70 crush attack.