The Egyptians are one of the original civilizations from Age of Mythology. 

They have the slowest working villagers, but as a compensation, their pharaohs can empower buildings. Empowered buildings get built 20% faster, train units 20% faster, research upgrades 20% faster, and if they are a resource deposit/monument, put 20% more resources into your stockpile.

They also use gold for building buildings. Many Egyptian buildings cost no resources, and those that do cost purely gold. One exception is a wonder, which requires 1000 of all resources and 50 favor.

Each Egyptian god has a special ability given to their units. Set priests can convert animals. Isis priests can build obelisks faster and Isis monuments protect themselves and the immediate area from god powers. Ra priests can empower, much like the pharaoh, but at a minimal 5-10%.